How it works


The link you obtained in the app contains instructions for your device, which it executes when it loads something from the Internet.
These instructions consist of a large list of advertising server addresses and commands that are performed upon encountering one of them.

The all the servers in that list were found and checked by our team members, in order to ensure they are up to date.


When you loading a web-page with NoAds working, all elements that are downloaded are checked if they conform to one of the rules. If the ad was found it would be blocked by changing it address to non existing one. All of it is done on iPhone, our server only provides link with filters.

As a result you get a clean web-page.
According to our tests NoAds blocks about 80% of all ads in most of the countries.

Privacy info:

NoAds app:
Does not use
Does not collect
Does not log
Does not store
Does not check


There is no technical possibility of doing so, since all the filtering is done on the device.
NoAds does not affect your web privacy and security.